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Our second highly anticipated exhibition “A to Z” is focused on “variety of entertainment”. Similar to our first exhibition in Itaewon district, with this opportunity we would like to present to our guests diverse concepts “Art” and “Design” have like an organized order of alphabet.

In this exhibition “A to Z: in the HOUSE”, many designers, who are specialized in different materials such as ceramics, metals, fabrics and drawings, are gathered to create a variety of enjoyment “Art” can produce. By presenting each art pieces in a house environment, each designer’s unique perspectives will be demonstrated with more cozy and welcoming manner.?

Not only each of our guests will be able to see what these young up-and-coming designers have to say about each theme they focused, but also the whole creation of harmony the artwork builds in the environment.

A variety of experts including furniture designers, interior designers, Korean traditional furniture manufacturing skill holders, metal designers, printmakers, teachers, radio performers and reporters gathered on June. 2010.

Furniture was re-interpretated not bassed on ordinary ideas which anyone can imagine, bout based on a stranger’s view-point with enhancement of individual basic skill. Special exhibition was coordinated to fully dissolve 21 indiciduals diversified talent, from A to Z, into one common denomimator. “furniture” the only commom fact that we can find from these individuals is that they are all belong to furniture design school at Graduate School of Hongik University.

Through a so called “A to Z Exhibition” which means that it shows diversified viewpoint like each alphabet, we would like to deliver important message that there is no territory limitation in the field of furniture and that there is no limitation in approaching and prosessing this area of study. We also aim to provide the visitors with the experience so that they can think by themselves a real meaning of “the furnitue” in detail, and expect this enhibition as a place to introduce participant’s individual furture with their own personality from various walks of life.


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