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함 도하 | Do Ha, Ham

1978 서울태생
Born in Seoul, South Korea
Representative of Haminhaus™ Interior Design Company
Creative Director of Unifur™

2009 홍익대 목조형 가구 디자인 석사 졸업
MFA, Wood working & Furniture Design, Hongik University, Korea

2016, 개인전 'Sentiment' 밀알미술관. Seoul
2016, Daegue artFair 2016 Exhibition. Daegu
2016, KIAF2016/ART SEOUL Exhibition .Seoul
2016, Art Sensation Exhibition 에이블파인아트.Seoul
2012, 제4회 설레임 "나눔展" Exhibition,Lotte Dept.Seoul
2012, 한남동 "the sup" Exhibition. Seoul
2012, Furniture Brand "seesay" .Seoul
2012, A TO Z, 3rd Furniture Exhibition, Shinsegae Dept. Seoul
2011, Daegue artFair 2011 Exhibition. Daegu
2011, A TO Z, 2rd Furniture Exhibition, Hand Made Art COEX. Seoul
2011, ART FURNITURE COLLECTION–Gallery 全 / Gallery SKY YEON “Sky Miracle Exhibition”
2011, Gallery SKY YEON “3rd Sky Miracle Exhibition
2011, Beyond the TIME Hongik University, Seoul / Seoul Art Festival–(Ritz Carlton Hotel Seoul)
2011, Seoul Art Festival–(Ritz Carlton Hotel Seoul)
2010, 원마운트 “아트라는 날개를 달다” –텔런트 이광기씨 자선 전시회 출품
2010, A TO Z, Urban Loft, Seoul
2010, 16 Sense, Hongik University, Seoul

2012, 제4회 설레임 "나눔展" Exhibition,Lotte Dept.Seoul
2011, Hand Made Art–AtoZ COEX, Seoul
2011, Daegue artFair 2011 Exhibition. Daegu

2012, 텐바이텐 Newest Designer Brand 입점
2011, Design Furniture Unifur-Creative Director 및 Furniture Design
2010, 압구정동 Hair Shop "RAY BY CHAI" Interior Design
2010, 수학 학원 "강주희 수학 교실" Interior Design
2009, 광명시 e편한세상 APT모델하우스 디자인 외 다수
2007, 맞춤 정장 루이체 본점 Interior Design
2006, 동부이촌동 “Stick” 레스토랑 인테리어 및 가구디자인

When I was a kid, I used to play a game in a playground in my neighborhood. I remember playing this game called “string fingers” among all the games I played there. This game requires two people to play with a string long enough to make a big loop. First person will make a knot then the other person takes it over and creates a different kind of knot and it goes on continuously, and you never know what kind of shape you will end up with. The shapes that you make as you taking turns to make a knot constantly using certain space spontaneously are the art. When you play the game, there are times that you do not know which direction you are supposed to go. However, you keep going and try to make it work somehow. To me, design is just like string fingers. Somehow making it work using unknown space or filling in the space that you have never seen before.

It enables me to use an imagination, and sparks curiosity just to see the designs that are composed of lines, colors, and spaces. I believe that great design cannot be done in a short period of time. I believe constant learning and challenge to face new methods will nurture me and will help me to grow more and more as a designer.